Monday, November 23, 2009


I started spotting/bleeding last night right before bed.  Clearly I shouldn't have said anything in my post yesterday.  I really hope the surgery takes care of this.  I'll probably have bleeding from now until my surgery (and a bit after).  I hate bleeding for three weeks straight.  Only 16 more days until surgery.


  1. 3 weeks straight of bleeding reminds me of me after surgery!

    I am DYING to find out what is going on in your pelvis! I can not eve wait! It's the final countdown!!!

  2. i hope the surgery ends your spotting too.. spotting is such a pain.

    my spotting ended after surgery so i'm hoping it happens for you too!

  3. I can't wait for your surgery -- what a sick club we are!

    I think I had a basically normal period, a little painful (nothing like what I used to suffer through) and definitely shorter. Before surgery I would have red stickers for almost two weeks!