Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where to next and worries about IF and health care reform

Now that I'm about 2 weeks (17 days to be exact) from my surgery, I'm starting to think about what to do if there are problems other than what Dr. H looks for/finds.  What if I have implantation failure?  I don't know if I can afford to go see Dr. (in Chicago, TCIE is being treated by her).  I'd like to know whether the implantation zone of  my endometrium is getting sufficient blood flow.  Unless adoption falls into our laps (like might be happening for Sew), we couldn't afford to adoption for a couple more years.  I'm ready for the surgery to be done and to know what treatments we might need (or if he was able to clean out a moderate level of endo).  The good news is that my change in diet (based Fe.rtility, Cyc.les and Nu.trition) seems to have stopped my crazy spotting.  I can't guarantee it since this is only the third full cycle (and I'm only P+4) since I started it, but even D said that there was a difference.

Now that the Senate is getting close to passing health care reform, I'm getting worried.  I know that it doesn't go into effect for about 3 years, but I worry about whether IF people, especially us Catholic who want to treat the underlying causes and not do ART, will be able to get the treatment we want and need.  I don't know if there are any provisions in there about IF (IF is pretty much only on the radar of those who are dealing/have dealt with it).  Yes, changes need to be made to the health care system, but I'm very weary of the government (and especially this administration) being involved in it.


  1. I understand your concerns about healthcare, I have the same ones. I will say that Dr. H's does an excellent job labeling things as they are (related to hormones) and not anything that will trigger an IF association. It is very helpful under our current system. That is the good news about avoiding ART. However, I am weary about all the unknowns ahead with healthcare as well.
    As far as Dr. H, think about this as an incredibly thorough first line of defense. Remember that for 80% of folks or so, his treatment is successful. And that is 80% of those with IF! Good numbers-by far the best bang for your buck so you are def making good use of your time and money seeing him (or Keefe, whichever). See my blog for details, I saw him with excellent results. I did have an infection that needed more than his initial treatment, but it only required oral antibiotics for me to conceive. The cost of everything was nominal. Check my blog for more info, I'd be happy to answer any questions. Be comforted, this is by far the best thing you could be doing right now. I firmly believe that!

  2. I agree with the healthcare concerns, too.

    As far as thinking ahead to other potential issues such as implantation failure, these are going to be caused by issues that you can have tested locally - no need to travel to Chicago. If you have not achieved in about 4-6 good cycles post surgery, I would look into getting the thrombophilia panel run, along with the APA panel, and possibly ATAs and full thyroid work-up.

    I'll help you! :)