Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Picture Post

I just made this braclet. It has medals of St. Gerard, St. Anne, Blessed Kateri, and the Miraculous Medal.

D got these flowers for me on my birthday (Oct. 11). Lavender roses are my favorites, and white are a close second.

Our front yard during the flooding a few weeks ago.

This is our garage during the flooding. It's hard to see but there's about 2 inches of water inside the garage.

Our truck on the garage driveway during the flooding.

The flooding in the front yard on video. It's dark, but you can see how fast the water is flowing.

The flooding in the garage.


  1. That flooding is crazy! And your bracelet is beautiful-what a great idea! Happy belated birthday!

  2. I really love your bracelet, what a great idea! It's beautiful!

  3. You have a great talent! Your bracelet is beautiful, I bet it will be a treasure for many years.

    That flooding is NUTS! So glad you both managed to keep your sense of humor through it all.

    Happy Thanksgiving and I loved the post about your brother. Blessings abound. I loved the part he talks about how he had other plans. . . we all know about that!

  4. I love the bracelet!

    Have you ever thought about selling your work. I'd definitely buy one if you did!