Friday, November 6, 2009

Patron Saint and Novena Plan

In the Patron Saint 0f 2010 drawing done by Where Angels Blog, Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist was chosen for me. Of course, Elizabeth dealt with infertility until advanced age, but finally conceived her son, John (the Baptist). Her feast day was yesterday, November 5.

Since my surgery falls on the feast day of St. Juan Diego and the day after the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I'm planning to do a novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Right now, I've just got spotting, which is normal for me on CD 8.


  1. What a perfect Saint for you.

    Saint Elizabeth has a special place in our hearts.

    J and I invited our closest family and friends to join us for a novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe before my surgery. It was a very special time for us and to this day I wear my blessed Guadalupe medal. I also had it on the day I got sick in May and think that those prayers continued even then.

    I will join you in prayer for that.

    Thanks for the offer about the vacation. You are such a kind soul.
    Prayers are being said for you today!

  2. what a great saint to have pick you! i'm still waiting on mine... how did you find out?

    have a great weekend.

  3. ah.. just figured out i needed to check the blog to get my saint...

  4. I think this is perfect, too. After having spoken to you on the phone, and through reading your blogs, I know just how sweet and soft-spoken you are. I have always thought St. Elizabeth to be much the same. Unassuming. Sweet. Soft-spoken. (Not the type of infertile to yell out to God, "Give me children or I shall die!!" Lol!)

    I'm so glad we were able to take part in this drawing! I'm so excited your surgery is soooooo close :)