Sunday, May 2, 2010

Giveaway, etc.

Living God's Will recently gave away a book called "Longing for a Child" by Kathe Wunnenberg.  I won but when I got the book I realized that I had already won the book from a different giveaway about 6 months ago.  I really like the book and although it's not specifically Catholic, it's Christian.    So comment on this post if you would like to win the book.

At adoration yesterday, I felt compelled to offer up my sufferings for three particular bloggers and carry the cross for them if they shall become mothers before me.  I hope that my prayers for them are answered (and soon, they've all been waiting a long time).

I think I'm starting to get sick.  I woke up during the night with a sore throat.  I was wiping noses of the kids I nanny for a lot on Friday, so that's probably where I caught it.  I've actually not had too many colds lately, so I'm probably due for one.

My body is still being a bit odd.  My period seems to be starting and stopping instead of just normal flow.  Hopefully my body will normalize after this and I can have a reasonable cycle.


  1. That is so kind and thoughtful of you to offer prayers up for other bloggers. I try to remember to do that when I'm suffering and emotional.

    I think it's great that you are going to share the book with the blog world too. It's actually pretty good and insightful. :)

  2. The book sounds good! I'd love to enter your giveaway!

    Feel better soon! I caught a cold right after my first surgery and it was my body telling me that I wasn't taking it easy enough!


  3. I'd love to enter! I hope you feel better and don't get sick!

  4. I would like to enter the givaway please!

  5. I want to enter too! sounds like a good read.

    very thoughtful and wonderful for you to offer up prayers for the three bloggers.

    hope you aren't getting sick. being sick when it's warm out just isn't right!