Friday, May 28, 2010

Updates: Job, PPVI

I finally got a call from PPVI about 11 today.  The nurse said that progesterone supplementation might stop the bleeding even though my levels are generally on the high side of normal.  She also said that if a couple rounds don't clear it up, they'll move on to looking at other possible causes.  Since tomorrow is P+10, I won't be starting them until next cycle.  I'm still having sporadic bleeding, but most of the time it's just a brown/pink tinge.

On the job situation, I'm still looking.  One possible part-time summer child care job for a friend of mine has fallen through for now.  I just talked to a family who is about to adopt a newborn in June, which I think went well, but they won't need anyone until July or August (depending on when the baby is born).  I'm starting to get a bit stressed out about what I'm going to do.  


  1. Our church bulletin and archdiocesan newspaper are full of folks looking for summer care for their kids while they are out of school and I know they would be thrilled to find someone with your experience. Especially someone with lots of kids/younger kids/kids with disabilities would expect to pay more and get someone with more expertise. I hope you find something similar in your town. It would give you time to find something more permanent for the fall.
    Glad you finally got a call back and have some warning to round up that poi ;)

  2. I don't know why they are going to put you through that pain. I realize that there is a reason to stop the bleeding....I just wonder if HCG would be a better option....

    I didn't have the amount of bleedig like you did after surgery but for 3 cycles I spotted and bled more then I was dry or anything else... HCG cleared it up for me....

    THe PIOs are just so painful to deal with like that at the end of every cycle....

    My right cheek is tender so the left one it doesn't hurt as badly but still it just seems like a chore to me.

    When I supplemented with Prometrium I still spotted starting as early as P7 and levels were good....

    Not saying our bodies would respond to the same thing, I just wonder the reasoning behind it... :) I'm HCG bias because it is such a good mood stablilizer for me and it's like gold in my house! ;)

  3. I hope the PIO helps! Although I don't envy you having to take them. But obviously, if it works, it will be worth it! I just know everyone complains about them so much.

    I will also keep praying for you about the job!!!

  4. I wonder if Dr. Hilgers is putting me on PIO instead of HCG since I have high normal estrogen levels and he doesn’t want to increase them any. Progesterone supplementation would only increase progesterone levels while HCG might increase my estrogen levels too. I didn’t think to ask about this, but I may ask during my next cycle review.

  5. I think you may be right about that. Good luck with the PIO, hopefully it will help. Sorry for all the frustration with your cycles. Mine can't figure out what they want to do either. This surgery business is tough stuff! But you are one tough lady! I will keep saying prayers that you find a great job as well.

  6. I didn't think of that...Good thought...But I would imagine that boosting progesterone post peak will only increase the estrogen too...I don't know the in&out of that....But it does make sense....I'm just so sorry you have to deal with that.....

  7. I'm praying for you!!!! Hopefully this crazy bleeding stops and you find a job soon!

  8. Best of luck on the job front!!! I know it's stressful to come down to the wire and still not be sure where you'll end up - been there. But it always looks so low-stress in retrospect after everything works out. (And watching kids sounds like an ideal summer gig - ready-made excuse to spend time outside!)