Monday, May 31, 2010

Job Update, etc.

The family that I talked to on Friday who are adopting a newborn in the next month or so and are also having a baby in December, would like to hire me to watch their children.  However, this job wouldn't start until sometime  (up to a month) after the first child is born, which hasn't actually happen yet.  A very cool thing about the family is that they also go to my church and attend the same Mass that I sing at.  I still need to figure out something temporary to have income for the next month or two.

I'm still having brown tinged CM, but thankfully I'm not having the bleeding like I was.  I'm on P+12, so I'm trying to decide if I should attempt to test should I make it to P+14.  Anyone have suggestions?  I'm not feeling very hopeful for this cycle after the bleeding.

I was thinking about doing a novena to St. Joseph for those whose husbands need prayers so that they can become more of the spiritual head of the family, like St. Joseph.  I probably will wait until June 12 to start it so that I can finish on June 20, Father's Day, which seems fitting.  I know that there are a number of other bloggers that are struggling with this, and I know I need to focus more on praying for my husband.

There was some talk a couple weeks ago about doing a prayer buddy thing for those of us who are still waiting to conceive and/or adopt.  I think it would be a very cool idea, but we'd need to work out some details.  If anyone is interested, let me know and give me some suggestions on how you think we should do it.


  1. That is great news about the family in your parish and the new job opportunity! I hope it turns out to be a great job. In regards to prayer buddies for those continuing to wait, that sounds great, I would like to be included it it gets going. Also, please count me in for the novena to St. Joseph, I know I need all the reminders to pray for my husband as I can. God Bless you and Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Great news about your new job possibility.

    I love the idea about the novena. What a perfect gift for your husband!!!

  3. I love the novena idea. My DH gets back home on June 12, so that seems fitting. Can you remind us when you start it? I would like to participate.

    The prayer buddies...I really like the idea. But part of me worries that if I participate (or even if I don't?), EVERYONE who participates will be pregnant by the end of the prayer period except me and I'll have to retire from blogging permanently...does that make me completely crazy? I mean, it's not that I want other people NOT to get pregnant...maybe you know what I mean.

  4. Great news about the job! Can you temp while you wait for the baby to be born?

    As for the brown CM I don't have any new advice. Hopefully progesterone will help next cycle!!

    I will be happy to join in the novena to St. Joseph (he's my hubs patron!) & I would love prayer buddies to pray for us who are still waiting. I'm too busy to organize though :(

  5. I'll join the St. Joseph's Novena with you. What a great idea!

  6. Boy, that family is going to have their hands very busy very soon, huh? I bet they couldn't be happier about it.

    I'll pray that novena for my dh. He's been so busy working to keep us afloat financially..and I couldn't be more thankful. He'll be touched.

    I'm in on the prayerbuddy for those of us still waiting...and I do understand Misfit's comment about being the only one left behind. I guess it's a chance we all have to take. Prayer is always a good thing...if anything it will keep us strong to keep moving forward and help us to endure any hurts that come along the way. Blessings!

  7. I am happy for you that the job will work out. I would also love to participate in the St. Joseph's novena, but def need a posting of the prayer and a reminder please.

  8. Praying for you that it all works out. I would love to be part of any prayer buddy system for those still waiting for their babies. I won't be satisfied until everyone is a mommy!

  9. I would love to do the prayer buddy thing too, I think that would be great! I want to do the novena too.

    That's great about the job, I will keep praying that you find something for the next month or two.