Thursday, May 6, 2010


This cycle has been weird.  CD 1 started off with about 15 minutes of pretty heavy bleeding, but then went done to pretty light flow.  CD 2-5 were light flow too and it's only been the past two days (CD 6 & 7) that I've had my normal medium flow.  I'm also having some pretty sharp pains that come and go (and have only happened really in the evening the past three days or so) in the area of my right ovary.  Since it's not consistent and hadn't really bothered me during the day, I haven't called PPVI but I'll call if it continues into tomorrow.

My youngest brother stopped in for the night yesterday on his way "home" (since my parents are living overseas, he doesn't really have a home) on the way home from college.  It was good to see him since I hadn't seen him since Christmas.  I'll see him again in August on his way back up to school.  He's working at a Catholic teen camp this summer and then going to Ghana for a mission trip in July.  Please keep him and the group he's going with in your prayers.

There has been so much wonderful news in the Catholic IF blogger world lately.  Congratulations to Sew, Jeremiah, and Thankful.

I need to work on hope in the Lord for myself like TCIE and Kaitlin talked about.  I've been feeling a bit down, like it's never going to happen for us (even with my FCP and Dr. H saying we have good odds).

An email should be going out about the Southern blogger get-together soon.


  1. What a funky cycle. I can't believe how long you bleed and I know it's shorter now than pre-surgery.

  2. You are still only 1 month past surgery....My cycles were a mess and were pretty painful I think for at least 3 months....I will have to look back.....I didn't start any meds until the end of February and my surgery was in November....

    So sit will turn around....You have a clean pelvis now. All you have to do is wait it out (i hate that word) and find your sweet spot!!!

    Just allow your body the time to heal! :) Keep your head up you got this!!!

  3. How nice to see your brother! Snicks and I miss seeing our families regularly.

    I strongly dislike sharp abdominal pain. I have consistently had pain on my right for more than seven years and no one can figure out the cause. HOPING for the best for you!

  4. Your FCP sounds like a smart woman. You should listen to her.

  5. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a wonderful day! I will be praying a special rosary in honor of all Mothers, Mothers to Be, and Women who hope and pray to be Mother's!

    May God Bless you and your family!

    Maria Therese In Mass :)