Friday, July 2, 2010

CD 1...Cycle 33, 7 Quick Takes

1.Well, today is definitely CD 1.  I've got my call in to PPVI for my cycle review.  Hopefully they received the CD from my P+3 u/s by now.  I'll post with my cycle review update when I hear from them.

2. We are going to a waterpark in less than a week for a long weekend with some friends and family.  It's too bad that I'll still be bleeding/spotting by then, but I'll have to deal with it.

3. I'm working on repainting all the doors in our house and will soon start working on the trim.

4. I'm still waiting for the baby that the family I'll be nannying for is adopting to be born.  The BM was supposedly due June 15.  I'll start about 3-4 weeks after the baby is born.

5.  I hope that PPVI can figure out the crazy bleeding.  I had only 10 days out of 30 days last cycle without bleeding.  Maybe I could get pregnant if I wasn't bleeding all the time.

6.  Yes, I collect turtles.  I'll have to go around my house soon and take pictures of the turtle figurines.  My parents have given me ones from Australia and Italy so far.  If we got a pet, I would want a turtle.

7. I posted yesterday about the IF weekend.  I hope to meet some of you lovely ladies.


  1. We are cycle buddies then I'm cd 1 today too. joy. :)

  2. Ugh, sorry about CD1 and the bleeding. Hope you'll get some answers soon!

    So cute about the turtles! I would love to see pictures!

  3. Last cycle I spotted for 9 days and it frustrated me so yeah spotting in between cycles and for long periods stinks! I hope things clear up in that area soon!

    Growing up I loved turtles, I was responsible for my classroom turtle over the weekend in the 3rd grade. I still love turtles and it just happens to be one of M's nicknames

  4. Did those PIO not stop that spotting. Progesterone never stopped my spotting.

    Gosh, can you just try to get HCG? Sorry, I'm not hounding but it was the only thing that stopped me from all that spotting. ;)

  5. Yes, please take pictures of the turtles, I want to see them! My sister's nickname is Turtle and I have even blogged about them - so I am found of turtles indeed. Sorry about CD1, that stinks. Here's to hoping (and praying) your bleeding stops!

  6. Are you on Low Dose Naltrexone? It has helped with my TEBB so much! It was a pain in the beginning, but so worth it in the end.

    Stupid CD1. Boo!

  7. Ugh. I am sorry about CD1

    I hate spotting...I spot A LOT, too. It can ruin a lot of fun stuff. Progesterone never helped my spotting.

    You need to come visit me in May/June...we have turtles everywhere coming out of the Mississippi!!

  8. We had a turtle growing up, he was actually a really good pet. :-)

  9. That is WAAAAY too much bleeding! Hope you find an answer soon!!