Thursday, October 30, 2008

Business trips

D will be going out of town next week for work.  Of course I should hopefully o next week, luckily it shouldn't be until Saturday.  I was quite disappointed when he told me, since he'd been changed to a different division of the company and wasn't going to be travelling at all.  He likes traveling, but it's bad timing since we are going to Austin next weekend for my parents' anniversary party and we'll have to meet in Houston.  Otherwise he'd have to drive 3 hours here and 6 hours to Austin.  This way I'm driving 4 hours, he's driving 3 and then we'll drive 3 1/2 together.

I don't like being home by myself all week long.  I was also hoping to actually be able to have a couple days before o to cover our bases.  I guess I've just got to conceive D to take advantage of Friday and Saturday (at minimum).

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry you'll be alone. I hate that too. I hope you get to make good use of your fertile days. And I hope you have a fun time in Austin!