Friday, October 10, 2008

It's almost my birthday

My 28th birthday is tomorrow and so is my 10 year high school reunion.  There's not really anyone from high school (from my year at least) that I'm still friends with, but I'm curious to see everyone.  We are going to a football game tonight (as part of the reunion) where the high school that I went to is playing the high school that my youngest brother just graduated from in June.  My parents are going to the game although they'll be on the side of my brother's high school since he was a varsity starter for 2 years.

This week has been long and tiring.  I went on Mondayto get my license finally changed to Louisiana (after living here over two years), since my Texas one was about to expire.  I didn't have all the documentation that I needed (since the website is not very clear), so I had to go home and then come back.  I had a dentist appt on Wednesday and I got my car "inspection" (they don't really inspect much that I can tell) and I had to take the lady I work for her cell phone.

I think I oed yesterday since my temp went up and I went to less fertile mucus (from 10KL to 8CL).  I hope I did, so that this no sex cycle will over with soon.  I'm ready to get back to trying and it would also be nice if I could be oing around CD 17 or 18, instead of CD 21, even without the CD 21.  I was worried (and still am slightly worried) that I'll go back to my regular CD 21 o with some cycles going closer to CD 28 to 30-something.  

I think that for next cycle I need to figure out some way to let D know that it's fertile time without telling him so that he can be the initiator.  He's been more interested in sex ever since we have been on the break, so I'd like to have some ideas on keeping him interested so that we'll have decent timing in the future.

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  1. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day and a fun reunion!