Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Story of Mr. & Mrs. Blondie Part 2

Part 1

We pick up our story in December 2004.  I had left in August 2002 for graduate school in Philadelphia and moved back in August 2004.  D and I saw each other at church and hanging out with friends when we were both home from school.  Whenever we went to the movies with friends, D and I ended up sitting next to each other (not my doing and he claims that he didn't do it on purpose either) and sometimes he'd drive me home.

D graduated in December 2004, and the day after graduation was a Sunday so after church a group of us went out to eat.  After we were done eating, I asked D if he wanted to see a movie (in a group...Ocean's Twelve) and I would pay for his ticket as a "graduation present".  We of course ended up sitting next to each other.  The next thing that happened is going to sound funny but it's an important part to me.  As we were sharing an armrest, our pinkies were touching (which I'm pretty sure had happen before, but D probably wouldn't admit it).  The pinky touching progressed into hand holding, and D took me home from the movie.  After talking in the car for a while, we eventually ended up kissing.  We exchanged phone numbers before he left that night.

He called me the next day and we drove around our hometown for hours and made out and decided we were officially dating.  We count from the night of the movie, December 19, 2004. We've been together ever since, but the story doesn't end there. 

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