Thursday, October 30, 2008

A sad, probably controversial thought

I read blogs of a number of women who have lost children due to stillbirth and miscarriage, and I had a sad fear/thought/realization.  I think that part of the reason that there isn't more research done on miscarriage and stillbirth is due to the abortion culture.  Since in the minds of those who support abortion the baby/fetus is not a person, there is less of an effort made to discover reasons for the deaths of those children.  

I hope that those who do medical research will realize that this is something that they ought to put their time and money into.


  1. This is SO true! Secular doctors often tell couples to wait until the third miscarriage until figuring out what's wrong (I've heard this from several friends). Three!! That's insane! That just shows that unborn babies are not valued.

    Thank goodness for the Pope Paul VI Inst. and others like them. Actually, the woman who first told me about PPVI went to them because she was having a difficult time finding a local dr who would treat her problem with recurrent miscarriage, and she was pregnant at the time. Dr. Hilgers helped her immediately, because they saw it as a dire situation and that they were saving a baby (which they did).

    I also think our culture shows how little the unborn baby is valued by how couples who miscarry are treated. I've witnessed first-hand an employer be very hard on a guy who lost a baby who wanted a couple days off to grieve. We're expected to just move on, because it's not like it's a baby yet anyways! (being sarcastic, of course!!)

  2. This is so true! When I experienced my miscarriage, my doctor just called my first pregnancy a "chemical pregnancy"!!! This was AFTER he told me my due date and he was a Catholic doctor! I was so sad for him! He is a good man and I hated to have to stop seeing him! It was two years later, that I found out that if I would have progesterone, I might not have miscarried! But get this, my friend who had just found out she was pregnant, started to spot and she called her doctor concerned (keep in mind, her doctor was my doctor's wife and they went to medical school together) and her doctor prescribed progesterone supplements and she delivered her baby 8 mo. later! A miracle that was cared for appropriately!
    My Creighton instructor told me that she suffered from at least 5 miscarriages until she found Dr. Hilgers and the Pope Paul VI Institute! She went onto have six beautiful children! Miracles abound and I am so thankful when I get to see them unfold! May many miracles find their way to you!

  3. A friend of mine (not a close friend, but more of acquaintance) had 3 m/cs before someone would test her, too. I tried to give her brochures and talk to her about PPVI (and NaPro Drs in our area!), but she has been so "conditioned" by these secular Drs. She actually said to me, "Well, progesterone isn't always good to give someone in early pg, because it can support an unhealthy pregnancy..." OMG!! I do think you make an excellent point about why recurrent m/c care isn't more mainstream, though.