Friday, December 5, 2008

9/10 DPO and Dr. Hilgers got my letter

I'm currently 9/10 DPO (P+8).  Both D and I have been sick for a while now.  D was up a couple times during the night, which kept me up too.  Luckily, I got off early today and was able to take a nap.  I have had a bit of a bloody nose since my nose has been messed up for a while.  CD 1 of cycle #15 should finally be here between Sunday and Tuesday, which will make it 47-49 days long.  Even if I o'd on the later day, our timing was still likely bad since it was late at night so the egg might have been degraded by then.  We'll have been married 17 months in a little over a week, and cycle #15 will have just started.

I got my acknowledgment from PPVI that Dr. Hilgers received my letter.  It was dated Tuesday.  The acknowledgment letter says that I should receive a reply within 6 weeks,  which will be around January 14 (when will have been married 18 months).  I'm really looking forward to receiving his reply.

I was supposed to have my 5th follow-up (it's by phone) on Wednesday, but it completely slipped my mind.  It's rescheduled for next Wednesday, and I put a reminder in Outlook.
I'm off all next week since the family I nanny for will be on vacation in D.isne.y Worl.d.  Hopefully the kids will be better by the tim   D said he would take a day some time next week, but he hadn't put in last time I asked.  We are going to go see a movie with our friend C tonight.  

I have about 2o of my 50 Christmas cards finish, and I'll be send the first batch early next week.  One of my goals for next week is to get the Christmas cards done.  I have been using my iPod's notes function to look at a text version of my address file.  That has allowed me to do cards while I'm working.  W (the little boy I nanny for) will try to mess with my computer if it's where he can reach, but he doesn't find the iPod as interesting.  

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  1. That is great about Dr. Hilgers getting your letter! I hope the 6 weeks goes by fast for you!

    We are apart of something bigger than ourselves. Without us the demand for Creighton would not be there. So I pray that you have joy while waiting for a response.