Thursday, December 11, 2008

Creighton Follow-up yesterday

I had follow-up 5 with my Creighton practitioner yesterday.  As I suspected, I'll be doing yellow stamps for non-peak mucus post peak.  I was starting to worry that I would run out of baby stamps otherwise :).  I'm updating my Creighton chart with the mucus cycle scores and such that she gave me.  She agreed that from 10/22 to 12/8 was all one cycle with a double peak.  The mucus cycle score for the cycle starting 9/22 was 14.6 and for the cycle starting 10/22 was 13.  

In other news, D has an ear infection.  He went to the dr and is on antibiotics and prescription antihistimine/decongestant.  He also got a shot of steriod shot in his butt.  I am actually going to see the same doctor tomorrow because my ears have been bothering me.

Today is day 4 of my 54 day novena, so yesterday I prayed the sorrowful mysteries.  The bearing of the crossing and patient bearing of trial were something that I needed badly to being praying for.

Not real cycle news since I'm on day 3, just normal bleeding.  

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  1. I could probably say the Sorrowful Mysteries every day. They really capture my attention.....the 4th Sorrowful Mystery The Carrying of the Cross, I need to just say that the whole rosary. :)