Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As I posted earlier, D and I were able to go home for Christmas.  D came home from work about 4 on Christmas Eve, said he had off on Friday, and then we finished packing and left.  We got home just in time for me to make it to 9pm Mass with my family.  Only my youngest brother was in town so we ended up spending more time with D's family.  On Christmas Day, we opened presents at D's parents' house first, and then went to my parents' house for present and early Christmas dinner.  After dinner with my parents, we went back to D's parents' and ate late dinner with them.  D's youngest sister and her boyfriend were there for dinner.  D's other sister and her husband got in late on Friday night, so we spent time with D's family mainly after that.  I got a Wii for D, so everyone spent a lot of time playing that.

My MIL got some of the pans that we still had left on our registry so I've gotten almost all of my old pans replaced.  

I'm pretty sure that I've oed in the last few days, and our timing should be pretty good.  I've still had a bit of 10C/KL, but the quality isn't as good as it was a couple days ago.  

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