Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CD 3

Some thoughts that are not really connected to each other:

One of the bloggers, who underwent IVF and got a BFN, got her BFP on a unmedicated cycle. She even had days of spotting. It has given me some hope that it might eventually happen for us.

When I talked to my Creighton Model teacher, she said that my peak day was CD 20. My BBT shows ovulation on CD 18, so they definitely are not matching up.

I'm planning my parents' 30th anniversary party, which is in November. I'm calling and arranging for the resturant, and scheduling out the rest of the day. I'm pretty much the coordinator, since I'm a planner and I have three younger brothers.

D's best friend is getting married next June and D will be a groomsman. The couple had broken up, then his friend proposed and the girl said no. When they got back together, they started planning the wedding. They are just starting to tell people, since they have the church and reception site arranged.

I won't be pregnant before my 28th birthday, since it's October 11 and we're not having sex this cycle. I only have 3 more chances to even have a baby before I'm 29.

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