Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have be feeling a call lately to go back to church and to learn more about my faith. I don't know that we would have ever considered ART but we definitely won't do them now. I do need to find out what the problems are, especially what's causing my bleeding. I'm hoping that D will be ok with learning the Creighton Model and having Dr. Hilgers look at my chart, sooner rather than later. The only problem that he might have is wanting to wait for financial reasons, and I'm going to talk to him tonight to get his opinion on it.

I'm trying to figure out what other than prayer and Church that I need to be doing to learn about my faith. Thankfully, I have a brother who co-founded a religious community (I'm not quite comfortable posting the link to their website here since it has a lot of IRL information), but I'm also looking for suggestions.

Hurricane Gustav has actually given me the last few days off since the family I nanny for had the extended family up for W's birthday, and they haven't back to southern Louisiana yet due to Gustav.

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  1. When I came back to the Church, I did a few things. First, I started going to Mass every Sunday. Second, I went to confession (it had been ten years and I had a lot to say, but I felt amazing afterwards). Third, I started going to weekly adoration. The weird thing about going to adoration is that at the time, I was doubting God's existence. How amazing that He lead me to Him in the Eucharist at the very time that I was doubting Him!

    Other than that, I also started an adult catechesis program in my diocese just as a way to get involved and learn about the Church. That did help a lot and most parishes/dioceses have some sort of adult education.

    But what you are already doing is your best bet - going to church and prayer. You should be commended!! I'm praying for you!