Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two normal cycles

I just realized that since I started charting in June 07, I have had two normal cycles (well normal for me). In July 07 and Nov 07, I oed on CD 21 and didn't have spotting or bleeding after o other than right before FP. Every other cycle has had either late o, significant spotting/bleeding after o, or was a medicated cycle. Twelve cycles, 9 of those non-medicated, and only 2 normal ones. No wonder we are having problems.

I'm pissed at D right now. He went out to a bar after work, and didn't call to let me know. When I talked to him at 7, he said he'd be home in an hour. I called at 8:15 and 8:30 and got no answer. I then called the friend he was with, who didn't answer but called me back at 8:45. It is 9 and I haven't seen him yet. I'm really pissed off, especially since I should o by Friday, so we should be having sex. It probably won't happen though since he's had a bit to drink and it'll be too late in his mind by the time he gets home. I understand wanting to go out with work friends after a bad day, but he needs to be more considerate about it. He needs to call and give me a heads up and then be home when he says he will unless he calls to let me know. I don't know that he would have called me at all had I not called him.

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