Tuesday, April 8, 2008

BFN at 14DPO...it's over

I got another BFN at 14 DPO. I took my last progesterone last night and I'll be calling my dr soon to let her know. D know that I got a negative test yesterday, so he already knows that cycle 7 is likely a bust. At this point in time, I'll be lucky/surprised if I'm pregnant by SIL's wedding in Aug (at which point we will have been trying for a year but I've agree to wait until a year from now before additional testing). No 2008 baby for me. Hopefully FP will be here by Friday, so we can start the 100 mg clomid cycle (and maybe even get an earlier o). I'll only be starting cycle 8 but this is month 9 of TTC (cycles of 32-45 days will do that).

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