Monday, April 14, 2008

"Fun" at the dentist.

Going to the dentist was not fun. Not because I needed fillings or anything, but because I had to come back for my x-rays. I was in the 2ww when I went to the dentist, so I had let them know that there was a possibility I might be pregnant and they didn't do the x-rays then. So when I came in this time, I swear that every person I saw mentioned that I'm not pregnant (as if the cramps and the fact that I started my next round of clomid today would allow me to forget for one second).

D and I have been married and TTC for 9 months now (3/4 of a year). I thought for sure I'd be pregnant by now, not starting cycle #8. Did you notice that those numbers don't match? If I had normal, regular 28 day cycles (or even something close), I'd probably be starting cycle #10 by now. I really hope that this cycle works; it feels like our last chance. I guess if D is out of town when I o, I'll try one more medicated cycle since that probably doesn't count, right? Hopefully, I won't o until D is back in town (hoping for CD 16).

I started my clomid a little later than I intended to, since this is technically CD4 (but I didn't really start FP until late on Friday, so I should be ok, right? Well, the reason that I didn't start last night is that I was waiting for D to go to Lowe's and then we would stop and pick up my meds on the way there or back. Well, he never went. When I decided to go at 5, I got there and the pharmacy had closed at 4. I was pissed, and D just said you can get it tomorrow. Well, I knew that and got pissed at him for not understanding. Later, I explained that what I want him to say in that situation is "That sucks. I'm sorry". Hopefully, he'll remember that for next time.

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