Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last night was not good

It should have been. We went to Tyler to see my parents and grandparents, because they came up to see my parents' land where they're going to build their house. I went to go pick up D from work, and he didn't come down until 45 minutes after I got there and called (not a good start). Then, he told me that he'll be out of town for a week from April 20-April 25. CD 14 is April 24. I haven't ever ovulated that early, but that's why I'm on 100 mg of Clomid. So the ideal date for me to ovulate would be CD 16 or 17. Hopefully my body will cooperate with my plans (unlikely though). When we got to Tyler, we missed the turn and D got angry at me that we always get lost (and he always get angry when we get lost). When I went into the hotel to meet my parents, he stayed in the car. I was upset and crying at this point, and didn't even say hi to my grandparents until grandma said something. Grandma is going to be starting to go downhill medically. Oh, did I mention that I had major cramps from FP too? We barely talked to each other until this morning, and went to bed without kissing or saying "I love you" or even "Goodnight". I guess this morning is better, so that's good. I do wish that I could have been in a better mood to see my family, but I can't change what happened.

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