Monday, April 21, 2008

D is out of town :(

D left yesterday for Alabama for the week for work. He'll be back Friday, so my body will hopefully wait until at least Friday before I o (CD 15- early for me, but hopefully the clomid will make it a little early). I just really don't want to waste a cycle, especially a medicated one. I would probably do one more round if I did o before D got back, since obviously there would be no chance due to the timing. I'm pretty sure that I won't o before then, since I get fertile signs generally for 5+ days before and I don't really have anything showing fertile yet. I finished the clomid on Friday, and I started my estrogen on Saturday. My follie check u/s is on Wed.

In other news, my high school reunion is on my 28th birthday. D is being weird and saying that he doesn't want to go, but hopefully it's just him not wanting to plan so far ahead.

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