Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The beta was negative

The beta was negative. That means that my last progesterone was last night and I hopefully will be getting FP by Saturday. I'm glad to be done with the progesterone, it's making me nauseated, tired, and bloated. They are calling in my rx's and I'll probably have an ultrasound Monday. This was not unexpected but it's still makes me sad. I had a little sliver of hope that I was feeling crappy because I was pregnant and that the HPTs were wrong.

Now I really am just waiting for cycle 8, and hoping for a January baby or at least a 2009 baby. I'm looking forward to FP getting here so we can start fresh. Hopefully, 100 mg of Clomid will give me an earlier o and maybe that will make it more likely that I can get pregnant. I feel like this is our last chance since it's the last medicated cycle. I'll need to get my 7DPO b/w done I think during a non-medicated cycle, so that I can see if I need the supplements to have any chance of pregnancy.

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