Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good follie check

I had my CD 13/14 follie check today and I had 2 follies between 20-23. I was going to trigger sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. I had to drive around to different pharmacy for an hour to find one with HCG trigger in stock. I go to pick up my prescription and was thwarted by the cost. Trigger is almost $600, and my insurance doesn't cover it or anything else infertility related. We can't afford that right now, so D said it was a no-go.
D gets back from his business trip tomorrow night, so I'm hoping that my body will cooperate and release those two nice eggs on Saturday (CD 16) or so. I plan to attempt daily TI until o, but D is unlikely to cooperate. If only I could have triggered and could guarantee my o date, I would feel so much more confident. I haven't ever o-d before CD 21, and I hope my body doesn't wait until then since my eggs will probably crap out by then.

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