Friday, April 25, 2008

Triggered this afternoon

I got my trigger done today! I'm so excited to be o-ing before CD 21 (today is CD 15). It took me an hour and a half of calling pharmacies to find one that had it in stock, but I got it for $60. I was so excited. I found out that Walgreens was probably charging me for the cost of them ordering the whole case of 10 at with the $600, even though I was only going to get/need the one injection. I actually had my employer (I'm a nanny for two drs) give me my injection (thankful the wife was the one who got home first) since DH won't be home until after midnight and my dr wanted me to trigger ASAP. My butt does still hurt from the injection 7 hours ago. I went to a "slumber party" this evening, and I'm ready for D to get home and take care of business. Sadly, the things I ordered were not in stock, so I won't get them until Wednesday.

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