Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I just found out that D will be out of town for our first anniversary next Monday. This will like the 5th week in a row that he's been traveling. He will probably be out of town the following week too. He's been covering for a person who left the company and now he's training the replacement and covering for them when they go down to the corporate office (which is here). He is around on the weekends (well Saturday and part of Sunday), but I'm ready for him to be around during the week.

I think that I'll end up needing to wait on my next round of Clomid, since I don't know for sure that he's actually going to be around at the appropriate time. The good news is that without Clomid, I should hopefully o the week of my SIL's wedding, so we should have a chance at good timing.

I didn't make it to the u/s appointment for today, so I'll be going tomorrow at 10:15.

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