Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me...9 DPO

Today is our anniversary. D is out of town until Friday. We celebrated our anniversary on Saturday and had a good time, but I'm still very disappointed that he's not here.

We have been trying for a year now, although I o'd 2 days before the wedding so we didn't have a chance that cycle. Cycle #1 TTC officially started July 23. I'm actually still only in the 2ww of cycle #10 (9 DPO). Cycle #12 won't end until around mid-September . Depending on whether you count months or cycles, I'm close to an official label of "infertility", either 9 days or 2 months.

I should get my progesterone b/w results back sometime today.

D has decided he wants to try yoga, so I put some of the podcast workouts that I do and a couple for weight loss and love handles. I hope that he likes them; it would be kind of cool to do them together.

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