Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still spotting, bloodwork, anniversary dinner...8DPO

Yesterday I went to go get my blood drawn for my progesterone bloodwork. I was a little surprised that they took 4 vials. I am still spotting but it's definitely not the full on bleed like earlier in the week.

Since D is going out of town again later this afternoon, we went out for our first anniversary dinner last night. We went to a "fancy" steakhouse and it wasn't as good as we expected for the price we paid. I told him we should just go to the one in our hometown which is fabulous. I got D brown socks (he didn't want me to get anything else for him) and a card. He "bought" me a new bra (I went and bought it myself). I'm very happy about the new bra, my others were getting old, worn out and too small.

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