Thursday, July 3, 2008

Travels etc.

We are going to Austin tonight when D gets back from Memphis and staying with my brother DF tonight. We are going to a July 4/cousin's birthday/aunt & uncle's 25 anniversary party tomorrow. We are staying in a hotel in Austin on Friday, and going to see my grandparents on Saturday.

I'm still waiting to o, which is good since D is out of town still. I'm not really expecting to o until Saturday anyways (CD 21). I haven't gotten a + OPK yet (or even close), but I'm kind of excited to try out the digital. I'm doing the regular line ones until I get what I think is a + or close, and I'm going to confirm with the digital.

I'm trying to decide if we should do the clomid next cycle or the following or just wait. We are still getting dr's bills from my last round in April. The few things that have been "covered" are part of our deductible.

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