Sunday, July 27, 2008

Done with Provera

I took my last provera last night, and the spotting seems to be gone as of yesterday. Hopefully, the spotting won't return. If it did, I would be beyond frustrated since I've already dealt with it for the past two cycles.

D is home this week, which is very exciting since he was traveling for the last SIX weeks. He, of course, had to work today (but he does get paid extra for weekends). We leave on Friday to drive up to my SIL's wedding, which is the following Friday. We'll be going wine tasting the Monday of our trip and SIL's wedding reception is at a different winery.

We'll be staying at a hotel, which is good since I should be oing on Wednesday of that week. I'm hoping that I'll have a less stressed-out husband since he won't have to work that week...which means romance hopefully.

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