Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm trying to get back into doing yoga. I actually took yoga as my HP/PE in college. I've been doing ones from podcasts, which seems to be the easiest way for me. I did two workouts yesterday and felt a lot better. I even bought one for fertility. I know that it probably won't help me get pregnant, but it hopefully will help me relax at least. If you are interested, it's Yogamazing and there are free podcasts available in iTunes, with focuses on different body parts, etc.

D is going to go out of town and I may or not be able to join him. I might be able to go up with his co-worker (who is our friend) tomorrow if I don't have to work until Thursday.


  1. I love yoga. If you ever want some video recommendations, I have quite the library. I prefer them to in person classes because I am so self conscious.

  2. Ok, these are my favorites:

    1) Fat Burning Yoga by Crunch Fitness (Sara Ivanhoe is the teacher);

    2) Any of Sara Ivanhoe's 20 minute makeover yoga DVDs;

    3) Yoga 4 Fertility by Brenda Strong; and

    4) Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss (Gaiam series).

    They have them all at amazon. Best of luck!

  3. I just did the one on the website and really liked it. I subscribed to them on Itunes and am going to try Yoga daily. Thank you.