Saturday, June 14, 2008

11 DPO

No real change. I'm still bleeding off and on and spotting. When I told D that my body was defective, he actually said something cute. He said that my body had been working extra hard these last few months on the clomid, and that it need a break to get back to normal. I don't plan to test since the bleeding means it's almost impossible for me to be pregnant. I expect to start FP for real in the next couple days.

We are visiting our parents this weekend for Father's Day. We took our dads to see Indiana Jones today and we are going to dinner with both families tonight. I got the bridesmaid's dress for J, my SIL's, wedding and although I ordered 2 sizes too big in case I was pregnant, it's actually pretty close to fitting. The back at the top need to be taken in, but surprisingly the waist fits pretty well. Sadly, I have no chance of being more than about 6-7 weeks pregnant (if that) at the wedding.

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