Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wacky chart and fun weekend.

If I put in my OPK data and assume that my temp is about what it was today for the next two days, then I get that I'm 4 DPO and I o'd Saturday (CD 17). I'm pretty sure that's inaccurate since I had a temp of 97.1 (my normal O or O-1 day temp on Monday). My temps are a little wacky since we were up late and drinking on Saturday night and Monday night. I think I o'd yesterday (CD 21), especially since that's my normal o day. Either day we have good timing (o-1 or o day), so it should be ok despite the fact that Friday and Tuesday were the only days that we actually had sex. I was getting very frustrated with D because we had 3-4 days in my fertile time where we didn't have sex.

D has got what we think are bed bug bites all over his back and arms. He was out of town for work, and stayed in a hotel. He started noticing them on Sunday I think and we have been giving him benadryl to keep the swelling down. I hope that they clear up soon.

We went home for my youngest brother K's high school graduation this weekend (actually graduation was Monday). We got to see some friends we hadn't see in a while, so that was fun. My other two brothers were in town, and I don't get to see them much. Monday was also D's youngest sister, R's 21st birthday. We went up to visit her on Monday night and then drove back yesterday morning. We are planning on going home for Father's Day since I need to pick up the dress for my other SIL, J's wedding since MIL is picking them up this week.

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