Saturday, June 28, 2008

One more round

I'll be doing one more round of clomid (I'm assuming 100 mg) with trigger next cycle (#11), unless this is one of my long cycles. My SIL's wedding is Aug. 8 and we'll be OOT from late Friday, August 1 to Sunday, August 10. If I have my standard CD 21 o and 11 day LP this cycle, then CD 14 of next cycle should be July 30 and hopefully I'd be triggering then. If this cycle is long, we'd just wait and do the clomid on cycle #12 in late August-early September.

I'm currently on CD 14, so I'll probably o next Saturday, July 5 (CD 21).

D has said quite a few sweet things in the last week, especially last night. I love him so much. I'm really looking forward to him being home during the week in another week or two. We're going to Austin for a party for my aunt, uncle and cousin on July 4th.

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