Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy day

I still haven't gotten my b/w results yet. I called my dr's office at 10 and 4, and my dr. finally called back at 5:55. It was the only time that I wasn't near my phone, since I was filling up my car. I did try to call back, but no one was there. I was only at the gas station at that time because I got off work later than usual. I also had to stop at the store since we needed a long of stuff since we were out of town for almost two weeks (off and on).

The little girl, S, that I nanny had a bunch of bathroom accidents today, so that was great fun. The little boy, W, is starting to cruise and be able to sort of walk if you hold his hands. I hadn't seen them in about two weeks, so W had changed a lot.

My ex-best friend from high school, who I had a falling-out with senior year, friended me on Facebook. I hadn't talk to her in at least 8 or more years.

D will be out of town again next week, but he's off for the 4th of July so he'll be back Thursday. I should hopefully o on the 5th, which is Saturday. If I'm off on the 4th (up in the air right now...I should find out tomorrow), we are going to a party my aunt and uncle are throwing near Austin. It would also mean that I'd get a chance to see my grandparents and possibly my brother.

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