Thursday, June 12, 2008

9 DPO...still spotting/bleeding off and on

I still have been getting bouts of red flow for a few hours, but it slows back to spotting. I have some cramps, but they are waaay less intense than usual. I guess I'm hoping that I can hold off on FP officially starting until Sunday or Monday, so that my LP could be somewhat normal. There's no way that anything good can be happening with all of this bleeding.

I'll be going out of town tomorrow to visit our parents then to Memphis for a business trip with D, since I have a week or two off since the kids I nanny went to go stay with their grandparents while their mom studies for her end of residency board test. I'm very glad that he's going out of town when I can go with him. I'll need to figure out some things to do in Memphis other than hang out at the hotel like I usually do. While we are home visiting our parents, we are going to take our dads to see Indiana Jones.

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