Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cycle Update

I'm pretty sure that I o'd on Tuesday.  I had to override FF since my temps earlier this week were high.  It also looks like my Peak Day was Tuesday, so they match up which is nice since previous cycles didn't.  Our timing would be pretty good (o/peak-3, o/peak-1, o/peak), unlike recent cycles where we only had o-day.  However, we've had decent timing 10 other times (two cycles we missed the fertile window and one cycle was the no intercourse at all cycle).

Well, this is annoying.  I just used the restroom, and there was 10 C/KL.  I'm ready to get this cycle over with and get my letter sent to Dr. Hilgers so that I can have some answers.  I wish that I would have start Creighton charting earlier, so that we could start treatments this year since the deductible is already satisfied.

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