Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And I thought my body was going to be cooperative

When I had a tiny bit of blood mixed with 10C/KL on Sunday (CD 12), I wasn't too concerned.  When I had even more brown spotting yesterday, I was a bit annoyed.  When it was even more this morning, now I'm frustrated.  I thought that since I barely had any spotting last cycle, that maybe it was just the Vitex that caused the abnormal bleeding.  I haven't taken the Vitex since the end of September, so that's shouldn't be the problem.  My body is obviously just screwed up (I say that like I didn't already know it's true).

The good news is that I shouldn't o before the weekend, which is appreciated since D is out of town until Friday night.  I'm ready to just get this cycle over with so I can send Dr. Hilgers the letter and get started on finding some answers.  I just want there to be the possibility of pregnancy, and I don't trust that my body is in a place where that can happen.

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  1. I know how hard it is to wait and just hope when all the biological signs make you want to have mistrust. I hate those confusing days, but I just keep believing that you are one day closer to finding some answers and hope! Prayers for you as you prepare your letter to Dr. Hilgers!