Monday, November 24, 2008

What I did on my day off, and It's in the Mail

I had today off since both doctors that I work for were on call this weekend, and the dad ended up having the day off.  I actually got a lot done
  1. Look at skirt that my mother bought so I can make jewelry to match- check
  2. Buy beads to match Mom's skirt, to make a Christmas necklace for her and to finish Grandma's earrings-check
  3. Finish earrings for Grandma so they can be sent- check
  4. Pick up records from ob-gyn's office to be sent to Dr. Hilgers- check
  5. Go to post office to send earrings & necklace to Grandma and letter (w/ records) to Dr. Hilgers- check
  6. Get flu shot- check
  7. Drop off refill prescription for prenatals- check
As you can see from #5, my letter to Dr. Hilgers is in the mail.  I'm quite excited about that.  Now I wait for the reply, and I have a handy-dandy ticker to tell me how long it's been.

I'm pretty sure that the bleeding that I had wasn't a real period since I'm having very fertile (10K or 10 C/K) since yesterday.  Of course D is out of town, so if I'm going to ovulate soon, hopefully my body can wait until at least Wednesday night, when D and I will actually be together.  Of course, we'll be staying at his parents' house, but we'll have to make due.  I'm trying to decide if I should be counting this as a separate cycle or combine it back with the last.  When I sent my chart, I put it on a new line as a separate cycle.  However, it really seems like it could be part of the last, since I am on CD 5 with fertile mucus and only spotting (not even close to normal) and I didn't have a clear ovulation the last "cycle".

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  1. Wow, what great accomplishments today!! You are going to be so thankful that you were determined to get that letter in the mail. Blessings to you and enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration!