Monday, November 17, 2008

Feeling sad

I think a lot of the sadness I'm feeling today comes from the fact that I had my annual well woman/pap this morning at my ob/gyn.  Going there is disappointing.  I had hope that the Clomid would help me get pregnant, and they also never found a cause for the bleeding I was having a few months ago.  Also, when I went last November, I never thought that I'd be going back the following November and not be pregnant.  

I was not impressed with the comment that I got from the NP when she was asking if we were still trying to get pregnant.  She said the famous "I bet if you stop trying it will happen then".  I replied that I'm pretty sure that there is something causing our problems and it needs to be found and treated.  Everyone who works in a ob/gyn's office should have to take a workshop on things that help those who are infertile and what not to say.  I also wish that I hadn't had to sit and look at the bulletin board of birth annoucements.  By the time I left, I was distracted enough that I forgot to request copies of my medical records to send to Dr. Hilgers.  I have to remember to call tomorrow.

I'm feeling sad and cranky right now and D's at basketball and won't be home for a couple more hours.


  1. I am so sorry you are feeling so sad! I had a few days like that lately and they wear you down. I always get discouraged when I go to my annual well woman visit. My doctor is great (bedside manner, at least) but the nurses are just really unprepared to deal or absorb the problems I generally experienced. I found it really helpful to start getting the first appt of the day so that I would not have to see twenty healthy and happy pregnant women! I also found that the doctor was not as rushed and the nurses were more calm and patient. By the way, I never had anything against those who were blessed with pregnancy, I just wanted to be there too! I hope everything works out for your letter to Dr. Hilgers. Peace to you and may God's grace bring joy to your hurting heart!

  2. I know what you mean about the fact that you don't have anything against the pregnant women and babies. That giant wall of babies just reminded me of what I don't have.

  3. I'm sorry you are sad. I'm about to go to adoration, so I will keep you in my prayers.

    I think that doctors and nurses should know better about what not to say, but just like with everyone else, they just can't possibly understand. At the same time, though, a nurse wouldn't say to a cancer patient, "I bet if you stop chemo your cancer will go away." Not that I'm comparing this to cancer, but it is a medical problem and should be treated like one, especially by those in the medical community. Oh well. Part of me is glad no one else knows the depths of our sorrows. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.