Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One year off the pill

My first cycle off the pill started a year ago last Saturday (May 3), and we weren't really trying for the first two months, but weren't avoiding either. I was worried that I'd get pregnant before the wedding (July 14), which clearly wasn't an issue since 10 months after I'm not (at least not that I know of yet). My beta is on Sunday, 4 days from now (though I won't get the results until Monday). I do plan to test on Sunday since I'll be 16dptrigger so it should be out of my system if I'm not pregnant. I haven't talked to my dr yet to see if we'll try one more medicated cycle, but I'll probably just wait until they call with the beta results.

Edit: I now wish that we had waited until we got married, but you can't change the past.

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