Monday, May 12, 2008

BFN beta and plan for next cycle

My dr's office called to tell me that my beta was negative. I was expecting that due to the negative test that morning.

I'm going to be doing unmedicated cycles for a while, since the obgyn said that we need to move on to the RE to do any more treatment. DH wants to plan down some more of our debts before we start doing any treatments so we aren't going to go yet. My hope is to start testing in 6 months or so and we may wait until next April or so to do any treatment (assuming I don't get and stay pregnant in the meantime). I'm 27 so we have time, but I don't want to waiting too much longer than that.

I'm start Vitex today, with EPO and B6. DH hasn't had an SA, but I figure it's better to assume that there is improvement to be made. He is taking arginine, zinc, selenium, l-carnitine, and a multivitamin (he's also taking B1 and B6 for other reasons).

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