Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Three more cycles, then it's official

If this cycle and the next two fail, it will officially be infertility. The good news is that I have no reason to believe that I'll o before D gets back, but I'm also not sure that it will be before Tuesday (6/3, CD 21). I often have fertile CM for days before I actually o, and I'm just getting to watery CM. The pattern is pretty similar to what I usually have non-medicated and with those I haven't o'd before CD 21. I figured out that if my cycle are the usually CD 21 with 11-12 LP then I should be o'ing about 9 days (7/5) before our anniversary (also right after July 4). The next cycle I would be o'ing while we are in NY state for SIL's wedding (which is on 8/8).

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  1. Hey! Me too. As shitty as it is, I will feel like I officially have a right to complain now. Small comforts...