Saturday, May 17, 2008

Too much?

So D and I were talking yesterday before our friend met us for dinner, and not only does he want to wait to do the initial RE consult until we have a lot more things paid off (maybe by the end of the year but who knows) but he also think that we are having too much sex. We usually start CD 12 or 14 and do it maybe every other day (rarely two days in a row). I don't think that that's the problem and if the problem is related to his swimmers, then he should get an SA done. He won't do it though, at least not right now, and I don't have the energy to fight about it.

I feel like I'm probably going to hit my 28th birthday no closer to having a baby than my 27th birthday. I'm doubting at this point that I can get pregnant without medical intervention, and I don't think that medical intervention will happen until sometime in 2009 (I hope).

D will probably be traveling within the next few weeks, and if I manage to actually o before CD 21, there will be no chance. I agreed to his less sex schedule which is CD 19 and CD 21 only (with maybe once around CD 14 or so) unless I get a OPK+ before CD 19 (assume he's even in town). I don't think that it will help, but I also doubt that anything other than me ovulating earlier is going to have any chance of working anyways.

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