Friday, May 9, 2008

12/13 DPO...starting to get crazy

I'm having bouts of irrational sadness and yesterday while D went for his run, I started crying after watching Cold Case. Normally I would probably test today, but since I triggered, I'm waiting until Sunday. It would suck for it to be a false positive. I'm going back and forth between hope and hopelessness. I'm ready for Monday and answers. We are going out on Sunday with my parents for a Mother's Day brunch/lunch, and if I do have a positive test I plan to tell them then.

I started D on vitamins. He had been taking a multivitamin, but not daily and I added l-caritine, arginine, zinc, and selenium. I didn't tell him what they were for beyond what's on the bottle, but I don't think it's a bad idea. Since he isn't getting an SA done any time soon, I might as well assume that improvements can be made (plus he doesn't eat a lot of fruit or vegetables). My best friend graduates from nursing school tomorrow, so we are going to stay with her tonight, go to her graduation tomorrow, and go to see our parents tomorrow afternoon.

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