Saturday, August 7, 2010

5 weeks and wish list

I'm 5 weeks today.  No new symptoms yet, and I'm feeling pretty decent in general.  I'm still currently able to keep the nausea at bay by constantly eating and I hope that will continue for at least a little while longer.

I have a bit of a "wish list" of things I would like to do with regard to labor and delivery and after birth:
-Cloth diapering: D and I have already talked about cloth diapering and he's good with it.  I've been researching off and on for years.  The little boy I nanny for is cloth diapered.  I'm probably mainly going to go with prefolds and covers, but I'll get some pocket diapers for times when they are more convenient.  Check out this cloth diapering series that I found through Shannon's link.
-Natural childbirth (no epidural/pain meds): I would really like to have a natural labor with no pain meds.  I know my mom did it with at least 2 if not all 4 of her pregnancies.  I haven't picked out what method, Bra.dley, Hy.pobirthing, etc., I'm most interested in.  I have no problem with other people choosing to use epidurals, but I would really prefer to not have one.  At my ob appointment, I'll definitely talk to her about how supportive she is of laboring without pain medications and under what situations she would recommend a c-section.  I would also like to wait to have the cord cut until it stops pulsing so that the baby can get all the blood, etc., possible.
-Baby wearing- I love slings and carriers.  I'm probably going to get a couple.  Carrying around a child in a sling is much less tiring than using your arms.  I've used slings a few times when nannying and I really loved it.
-Make my own baby food or baby led weaning- It's less expensive to make your own food and I like to cook our food mainly from scratch, so why not do the same for our baby?

I know it's pretty early, but I've been thinking about these things since we started trying three years ago.  If anyone has any suggestions on any of these topics feel free to share.


  1. Your list looks a lot like mine would :).

    As far as making your own baby food - you should check out Nina Planck's book Real Food for Mother and Baby. I've heard it's fantastic (my sister loves it).

  2. sounds like a great plan. It's nice to know hwat you want to do early on. I delivered all three kids without pain meds and it's really not that big of a deal. My husband made sure that my wishes were respected by the dostor and the nurses.

  3. Great ideas! Do you have suggestions for the best baby slings? I registered for a moby wrap but my friend likes her baby bjorn, they're just so pricey! Let me know your thoughts :)

  4. Good for y'all having a wish list like this...I think it sounds great! And you should never say, "I know it's early..." because you and your husband totally deserve to talk about this OUT LOUD! You have a beautiful miracle growing inside about those wishes!!! :):)

  5. the moby wrap is GREAT. I want one myself.

  6. I love the Moby for when they are little. ( under 15/17 lbs) I also got an Ergo when my daughter was about one year. I LOVE it!! I can wear my now 2-year old on the back or front. I can also wear my 4 month old on the front. I like that I can switch between kids with only minor adjustments. That's the best. I can start with one on and then switch when needed. Super handy during mass. I like both because the Moby keeps them so snug and close to mama's chest.

    That my thoughts. :)

  7. It's not to early to think about this - particularly your birth option. Snicks and I love our midwife and doula, and feel confident that as long as all goes well S.P. will join us without me being drugged up. If you email me your address I can mail you some materials. :)

  8. DH bought me a VitaMixer for my bday, and I totally plan to make loads of baby food (even if I have to feed babies in the street, if they're not in my home!!) with it.

    Great list!

  9. You are really on top of it - what a good mommy! And I totally agree with FMTP - scream it all from the rooftop! However, I have no suggestions on any of the topics you're considering. Maybe someday I'll use your advice! God willing!

  10. I finally have two hands free to say CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you!

    As for natural childbirth...
    (1) Definitely take an out of hospital birth class. I did Birthing from Within but that's because it was easier for me as that's the only class we had here. Bradley and Hynobirthing are both great from what I hear. If you don't have a Bradley instructor near you, this lady does courses through DVD:

    (2) Hire a doula. They can really help your husband out as no matter how prepared they are it is really stressful for them to see you in that much pain, have to "defend the cave" and remember what you want all at the same time. Paul was much more relaxed knowing that he could look to our doula.

    (3) Look into all the options as far as where to give birth. Really look at homebirth, birth centers and even hospitals a little further away and go where YOU feel is best for you. I never thought I would birth my first child at home but there were not any birth centers here and all the hospitals had policies that make natural childbirth very difficult. As scared as I was to birth at home, I really think I would have ended up with a c-section at a hospital just because I think it would have been really hard for me to relax and let birth happen.

    Regarding baby wearing...
    I had hoped to wear Maggs more but due to all the breastfeeding problems, wearing her is like shoving chocolate cake in her face and telling her that she can't have it. She does like being worn for short times facing away from me though. Now that she's holding her head up I'm looking into ring slings. I've been looking on this site a lot lately:

    I plan to make my own baby food as well but haven't gotten too much into it since that's still a few months away. I know that we'll start simple and I'm sure I'll learn as I go. I'm planning to get a Beaba just to make it easier for me.

    As for cloth diapers... I'm still overwhelmed. We got a few different kinds to try and haven't got there yet. Flexibility is a good thing. Sorry I wrote a book! M's demanding my attention now. ;o)

  11. We're on board with ALL of those! Although I've not educated myself about baby food making yet. Two that you didn't mention were breastfeeding and rooming-in. Breastfeeding is a no brainer, but the more I read about rooming-in, the more I really hope it works for us.

  12. Good for you for finally letting this all out! I bet it is like a ton of bricks being lifted off. Is it weird to say that I am actually ok and excited to know that some of you are pregnant before me because now I can learn from y'all! I have always thought about natural birth but when ever I mention it, people here think I'm crazy! haha...not that I care but I'm glad to know that I have my blog ladies to turn to about this.

    What is rooming-in?

  13. How did I miss all of this??? I must be living under a rock! Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is awesome news!!! :) :) :) I am just so excited for you!!

  14. me too, me too!
    I have heard from a couple of people who thought hypnobirthing was not that helpful once it was labor time. But I am sure there are others who LOVE it. A lot of my friends recommended Bradley. They also recommended reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.

  15. I loved making my own baby food. I kept it simple using ingredients I used in the main family meal. I kept a small food grinder on the counter, but a food processor will be needed if you make large batches to freeze. La leche league has wonderful cookbooks and I know they have a baby/toddler one. Good luck!