Monday, August 2, 2010

The Story * Updated

This weekend we were in our hometown for a friend's wedding.  Saturday was P+14, which is when I usually get my period.  I had had spotting from P+4 to P+9, which sadly isn't unusual for me.  What was unusual was that it stopped after that.  All day Saturday I was going to the bathroom expecting to see pink or brown if not red, but I saw nothing all day.  I had some slight cramping, which I don't usually have before my period.

We got home after the reception and I posted that I hadn't see any spotting and it was the end of P+14.  JBTC insisted that I stop keeping everyone in suspense and go POAS (well actually a cup), so I obliged at about 11pm.  Thankfully, I had brought my last remaining dollar tree test.  To my great surprise, there were actually two lines.  I took the test downstairs and showed it to D, asking if he saw the second line.  He said he did and asked what it meant.  I told him it was a pregnancy test.  He gave me a big hug and kiss.  He was alternating between laughing and crying and told me he won't be able to sleep that night out of excitement.

After a few minutes, he said he wanted to go get some more tests, so we went to the grocery store and had to get the cashier to get the manager to open the locked case in the pharmacy were the tests were.  We got home and I tested again and again there were two lines.  After the second test, D sent text messages to his two best friends and told them (even though at this point it was after midnight) and we told D's younger sister who was home for the wedding.  We finally went to bed, but it took me quite a while to fall asleep.  I woke to go to the bathroom and test again (still positive but lighter, though my beta shows that the color of the line doesn't necessarily mean anything since it was 572 less than 12 hours after that test).  I couldn't go back to sleep and ended up just getting up.  I probably slept about 3-4 hours.

We had breakfast with his parents and D finally told the the news as we were about to walk out the door.  The suspense was driving me crazy.  After we got in the car, I had D give me his cell phone and I called both my parents (one on each phone) because they were in different states at the time (they're together now).  I called my former boss, the urologist, and got her to help me get sorted out on the bloodwork and progesterone.

I also called the mom of the new family I'm nannying for and told her.  I will be very busy after April since I'll be talking care of the little boy they just adopted (he'll be about 9 months), the one she's pregnant with (due in late December, will probably be between 3-4 months), and my own child.  They are very excited for me and have already started thinking about coverage for when I'm out after the birth.

Yesterday we told our siblings (although one of mine isn't back in the country yet) and our grandparents.  Everyone is very excited.  This will be great-grandchild #12 for my dad's parents, #2 for my mom's, and #1 for both sides on D's side.  It's the first grandchild from both my parents and D's parents.

I finally got to give D the announcement present that I bought before the wedding.  I was orginally planning to give it to him to tell him about a pregnancy, but after 3 years I had lost track of where it was hidden and he got it out yesterday.  It had some cute turtle baby towels, etc and the Everything Father-to-be Book, which he started reading last night.

I'm still amazed that this is really happening and thank you all for your congratulations and your prayers (especially you, prayer buddy, whoever you are).

My current symptoms are bloating, slight nausea and food aversion.  The nausea seems to have kicked in after taking the progesterone.  I woke up to go the bathroom about 2:30 and decided that I better eat something.  I need to go shopping later today.

I'll be calling my local ob/gyn momentarily and PPVI in about an hour and I'll update later today with what I learn from them.

I forgot to mention that I had to buy a bra on Saturday (before get the BFP) because I left my bra at home since what I was wearing Friday had a built-in bra.  I have a feeling this bra won't fit for too long.

My first ob appointment is on Monday, August 16 and I'll have an ultrasound.  It's at lunch time so D will try to make it.


  1. I am literally crying at my desk right now! This is absolutely awesome to read!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  2. st. Elizabeth,huh?
    i love it!

    congrats again.

  3. Wow, this is the most wonderful post!!!!!!! Congratulations, mama!!

  4. I still can't believe this post is real!! The Lord is so good:) Can't wait for update!

  5. This is so great! So excited for you both and your families :)

  6. Following every second of your journey with baited breath! I love hearing how and who you shared with and am just so happy for you I can't stand it! I love that you have so much support and prayers, and even specialists like the urologist you can go to right away for help. I hope this is encouraging to all the bloggers, but especially those post surgery bloggers who have been through so much recently!

  7. This post is making me so happy! I am so thrilled that you and D are on cloud 9!!!! Grow, BB, grow :)

  8. AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING! So wonderful! And so glad you've been able to embrace it and celebrate from the beginning!

  9. I am truly thrilled for you, your hubby, and your family after all you've been through. It is a blessing from God. Can't wait to keep up with you for the next 9 months!

  10. Great story Mrs. Blondies! Oh, I am so, so, so very happy for you and D. Congratulations on this amazing time and please know of my continued prayers for you. I have always been impressed over the last few months as you have gone through the surgeries, etc. - your steadfast resolve to not give up and to try to see the bright lining in everything. Thank you for the inspiration! Grow, baby, GROW!

  11. I have goosebumps up and down my body.

    I have tears in my eyes.

    And lots of joy in my heart!

    What a wonderful story!! I'm soooo beyond excited for you. I agree with JBTC...GROW BABY GROW!!!! :):)

  12. Fantastic! I just knew it! ;)

  13. Wonderful news!!!! I am sooooo happy for you! Prayers for you all and baby!!! God is so good :)


  14. I've been out of town and just saw the news!!! I'm so thrilled for you!! :) St. Gerard, watch over Blondie's little one!!

  15. How awesome!!!!!!! It's the story we all dream of! I'd forgotten about my announcement present until I read yours- now I"m wondernig where mine is!!! HA! LOVE IT!!!! CONGRATS!!

  16. Hurrah! I'll be praying for you!