Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Updates, possible ob switch?

I'm still having lots of nausea, but the actual morning sickness has not made a full appearance yet.  I have to pretty much eat constantly to keep the nausea at bay and it generally returns pretty quickly after eating.  I have a small bowl of snacks on my nightstand so that when I wake up to go to the bathroom during the night, I can eat something.  Ginger seems to help a lot; I'm almost done with my second box of ginger chews.  Meat in any form doesn't sound at all appetizing.  I tried to have fish on Sunday, but I couldn't finish it.  I'm having to pretty much go vegetarian with lots of beans, grains, and I'm eating spinach quite a bit.  I had some weird pressure for most of Monday in the area of my ovaries, but it seems to have calmed down.  I tend toward insomnia anyways, but I'm having even more trouble sleeping than usual.

My ob appointment is in 5 days, on Monday, but that seems so far away!  I'll have an ultrasound, and hopefully we'll be able to see a heartbeat (I'll be 6 weeks, 2 days).  I've got quite a few questions for my ob about how comfortable she is with minimal intervention during labor and delivery so we'll see if I'm going to stick with her, or switch to a different ob who would be more natural birth friendly (and I've got some leads on that).  I have found out which hospital in the area is most natural birth friend, and she does have privileges there.  Whether I switch obs or not, I have decided where I'll deliver.  There aren't any midwives in my city and I don't want really want to drive 45 minutes for prenatal care or delivery, especially since I'll probably have the little boy I nanny at most of my appointments.  I've contacted a couple of local doulas, but I'll have to see whether D is willing to spend the money.

I called to find out about our insurance coverage for maternity and I learned that for 2010, since we already met our deductible and out of pocket maximum for the year due to my surgery, all we really have to cover is copays, ultrasounds will be covered at 100%.  For 2011, we will have to deal again with meeting the deductible, and then they will pay 80%.

When we were on the way home from our friends' daughter's baptism, D brought up how he is excited and ready to meet our little one, but he also wants to experience all of the excitement of going through the pregnancy.  He can't wait until our ultrasound, and he's really ready to get out of the first trimester.  He's a bit freaked out by the fact that the loss rate is higher in the first trimester.  He has started reading the blog somewhat regularly, so if you have any reassurance that would be great.

D and I will be calling Baby Blondie SC until we have the gender ultrasound.  SC comes from the boy's name and girl's name that we have picked out.  We picked out names about 3 months after we started dating, so we've had them decided for a while.  I probably won't share the name until after the birth.


  1. You sound like us...we've had out first boy and girl named picked out since 3 months into our relationship too!

    My DH is anxious to get out of the 1st trimester too, although he is loving the whole pregnancy experience. We suffered a miscarriage back in April, so that is giving him even more anxiety. I think it's a natural worry. One thing that has become habit for me is telling him there has been no spotting and when I'm telling him how I'm feeling I finish with, "...but no cramping." That seems to help.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing how your first appointment goes. We went at 5w5d and only saw the sack. I think you should see the baby and hear a heartbeat by the time you go.

  2. You know the pain around your ovaries could be the corpus luteum working hard to provide the hormones needed for little SC to grow!

    With your progesterone levels, I think you will breeze through the 1st trimester. Prayers continue for you all!!

  3. I am really focusing on praying for you throughout this 1st trimester, and of course throughout the rest as well. I agree about not telling people the names. I always worry that if I did that, other people would take them! Haha

    HUGS and did I mention that I am so darn happy for you!!!!! YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

  4. This all sounds wonderful. I think that getting a normal heartbeat level on time is huge in terms of odds and that after that they decrease quite a bit even in the first trimester. Keep that in mind, its a much shorter period to wait and each day you can breathe easier. I love that you had the names so early, so much like dh and I ;) Oh yes, and I am pretty sure this is universal but you do not get charged a copay everytime you go to the ob, maybe never. It isn't like with a regular doc. The doc has one fee at the delivery that isn't too much (but it adds up when you add pediatrician fee, hospital fee, anesthesia fee) but that fee includes office visits. I have never paid copays and have had two different insurances during pregnancies, so you might confirm, but that would be good news too :)

  5. My dh and I also picked out names while we were dating. Funny...we also went to one of those picture booths and it produced a picture of what our child could possibly look was hilarious...I think I still have that picture.

    So happy that you are doing well and things seem to be progressing as they should.

  6. Please feel free to gain as much weight as I have...Eat up blondies!

    The only reassurance I have for him is this because my experience have been completely different.....

    The only time I think you need to worry is if you have "endo" like cramping, knife like that stays and doesn't go away and obviously blood....Other then that you are already so deep in that we have ZERO control...So release it and enjoy! God's plan, as we know, is so much better then our own...

    **Also not saying that all miscarriages happen that way...That was just from my experience. So when I didn't feel anything like that this time around, I haven't really gave into fear. ;)

  7. Oh I also wanted to add. That I think my biggest fear was NEVER getting pregnant, so I think it's time to let that go when you do get pregnant.....For the most part and only in my case. :)

  8. I love what your DH said about enjoying the pregnancy...soak it all up!!!! What a beautiful blessing y'all are experiencing!

  9. Enjoy, enjoy! Sorry about the general ickiness... it's really not fun but it does end (I know, I didn't believe it when I was in the throes of it either). Just eat whatever seems appealing and get through it. :)

  10. Wow, that's wild--I had a strong aversion to vegetables and to big pieces of meat (so, a steak was totally unappealing, but mean in a pasta or casserole dish was fine) during pregnancy. I knew I wanted to have minimal intervention, too, and I think it makes a difference to have a supportive doctor.

  11. Thankful said it right-eat whatever you can and know that it wont last forever! (I cant believe I can give pregnancy advice-that's just nuts!)

    We just switched OBs too! Our new one is very pro-natural birth and willing to let me do just about anything to avoid intervention! Yay!